Welcome to our lab website

The Stamataki Lab is located at the Centre for Liver Research, University of Birmingham.

Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow

Dr Zania Stamataki RS Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow

We are fascinated by the intricate architecture of the liver and we are investigating how cells of the immune system influence and are influenced by the liver microenvironment.

Our lab uses cell biology, immunology and virology experiments to understand and quantify interactions between immune cells and liver resident cells. We build models to manipulate these interactions using human tissues and we test novel drug candidate molecules, in collaboration with industrial partners.

Our work is supported by close collaborations within groups in the CLR, particularly:

Liver disease kills more people than diabetes and road accidents combined, and deaths due to liver disease are projected to rise over the coming years (see report by the British Liver Trust, and UK perspective at the Lancet). We aim to understand how to reduce immune mediated liver damage in order to identify new cellular and molecular targets for therapeutic interventions.