Academic Activities

Invited talks, seminars and workshops

Seminar at UCL Medical School, Royal Free Campus, on new pathways for immune regulation in the liver, 5th of March 2020, London

UCL ZaniaAt the Institute of Immunity and Transplantation today at UCL, giving a seminar on the role of enclysis in immune regulation in the liver. Interesting conversations with the students and postdocs, and lots of new ideas to take home.


Seminar at Kings College London on regulatory T cell engulfment by enclysis, 4th of March 2020, London

It was a pleasure to meet with staff and students Kings talk enclysis 2020at the School of Immunology and Microbial Sciences research seminar series, and to find out more about the exciting research that is taking place at KCL. Discussions sparked new collaborations in liver immunology and immunotherapy.


Hepatocytes delete regulatory T cells by enclysis, a CD4+ T cell engulfment process, December 2019 BSI Congress, Liverpool

BSI 2019 Zania Talk

Our first paper on enclysis is out! No better venue to present the mechanism of enclysis for the first time, than the British Society for Immunology Congress in Liverpool. Fantastic meeting, a generous audience, lots of feedback.


ZAnia BSI WM croppedDiscovery to clinical applications of regulatory T cells in autoimmunity and transplantation, July 2019

Dr Zania Stamataki, presenting our group’s work on regulatory T cell deletion in the liver. This symposium was organised by the West Midlands Immunology, the British Society for Immunology regional group.


Zania UKCAS logo and photo UK Cell Adhesion Society Annual Meeting 2019, Birmingham

Discussing complex intercellular interactions in the liver for CD4+ T cells at the 31st annual meeting of the UK Cell Adhesion Society.


Zania BASL logo and photoBASL Basic Science Retreat 2019, Derbyshire

Dr Zania Stamataki presenting our groups’ latest research in liver cell-in-cell structures: the importance of looking in 3 dimensions when studying lymphocyte-hepatocyte interactions.



University of Warwick, School of Life Sciences. A real pleasure to take part in this very informative and exciting event, thanks to Dr Antonia Sagona for hosting.

Zania warwick presentation

Babraham Institute, Cambridge. Great to catch up with old colleagues and friends!

zania talk babraham

Teaching Development

Biomedical Science BSc

Zania is Deputy Lead for the Liver Biology Module which is led by Dr Patricia Lalor.

Medicine and Surgery MBChB Graduate Entry Course (GEC)

Zania is lead for year 1 Introduction to Immunology.

Medicine and Surgery MBChB

Teaching on the 3/4 year intercalator module for liver biology.

Small group tutor for year 2  Immunity, infection and haematology, led by Dr Alex Richter.

Pharmacy MPharm

Teaching introduction to immunology, allergy and hypersensitivity.


MSc in Immunology and Immunotherapy

Project Supervisor

MSc in Toxicology

Project Supervisor

MSc in Molecular Biotechnology

Project Supervisor


Liver Disease: Looking after your Liver

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) run by Futurelearn.

This course runs twice a year, and allows access to materials for months after registration. Register for free here to join a student community from around the world, to gain:

  • an insight into liver biology and how to look after your liver
  • a taste of our work at the Centre for Liver Research
  • access to resources for months beyond completion of this course

Liver Transplant: the Ins and Outs

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) run by Futurelearn.

This course runs twice a year, and allows access to materials for months after registration.

Register for free here to learn more about liver transplantation with unique insights from our patients, consultants and educators at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, one of the biggest transplant centres in Europe.